Thursday, December 30, 2010

Images of Playstation 2 Are Revealed

There is talk about PSP 2 again today. The next handheld console from Sony, with some new pictures. Good as usual, Sony has not confirmed anything at all. In my opinion, the PSP 2 looks really too much to a PSP Go which had made a monumental flop . It also looks a bit too similar with the forthcoming Playstation Phone , the Sony Ericsson phone. I think we should wait a bit more news in the design of the console. But this is only my humble opinion.

Who's That Flying?! - PSP Game Review

Who's That Flying?! casts players as the member of a Council that specializes on Space Justice -- a band of superheroes that are tasked with helping a planet from any type of dangers. You are Earth, and you are on test after a few monsters known as Ravagers who popped up during your watch. The levels are played as trials. The game is pleasurable, funny, and attractive. The story mode may feel a little boring as each urban's three levels feel too similar and dragged slightly, but that's only a part of the game. The Infinity Modes and challenges offer quick doses of actions that speed up the gameplay well and give you stimulating objectives. It's simply a sleek game for your PSP.

Knights in the Nightmare - PSP Game Review

This is a fairly fine-looking game, with appealing looking 2D sprites and well depicted character portrayals. This is rather standard fare for a games that is developed by Sting and in fact looks slightly better than the Dreamcast version released in 2009. Audio also appears immensely improved due to the additional space offered by a UMD/installation process, but occasionally it can get a little disorganized since all actions on the battlefields are followed by some forms of commentary.

Developers have done a marvelous job in porting this game to the PSP. The control arrangement works out properly using the analog stick for the pointer while the stylus has similar function the Dreamcast. Gameplay is satisfying and does an amazing job of bringing excitement to the PSP, sound feels a tad cliché but still works out fabulously. Gameplay is entirely tolerable in both marathon sessions and small doses, especially once the central points of story get rolling. If you love Disgaea or others PSP strategy RPGs. I highly advise you to buy Knights in the Nightmare.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ys: Oath in Felghana PSP Game Review

I can see my worries were groundless. Not only is Oath a lot better game than the original, it is a better game than Ys Seven, too. Although overall, Oath lacks in intricacy, it has excellent playability. There are some missing features, but still it can avoid being mired in the long-winded, empty, endless narrative. It is not worse than Ys Seven;but it is that arriving so quickly after its predecessor that it is in dire risk of being ignored. It merits some recognition, though. It is a lean RPG, short on excess, satisfying, and has tightly crafted play.

Ghost Recon Predator PSP Game Review

The missions in this game do not have varied enough goals, the controls are challenging to get a hang of, while the AI is mediocre, but lovers of tactical shooters may find Ghost Recon Predator enjoyable. Propelling a squad around along with their various weapons system makes for some absolutely gratifying combat moments and could make youme want to finish this game regardless of its other stress-inducing mechanics. Overall, if Ubisoft could work out a more effective control scheme for the Sony PSP, it could grow into a very impressive portable shooting title. But these Ghosts would likely haunt those bargain bins in the end.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Kratos may potentially be the most tempestuous game character ever developed. We all aware that he inadvertently killed his family because of the gods, but his aggressive attitude has frequently made me curios what else could had happened to him that he seemed so enraged. We get some ideas in God of War: Ghost of Sparta, because it does a fantastic job adding some depth to Kratos' persona while offering one of the most entertaining and attractive gaming experiences on the Sony PSP.

Occurred between God of War and God of War II, the new Ghost of Sparta we see Kratos sitting on his freshly claimed throne looking suitably ill-tempered. Besides, becoming a god of war didn't erase the depressing memories of his former years, but now he is being troubled by a vision we have never seen previously -- an old woman lying down on astone. Certain he can actually alter this vision, Kratos goes to Atlantis on a mission that finally brings him back to his home town of Sparta and finally into the Thanatos' realm.
Incredibly, the developers are able to go beyond the Chains of Olympus, offering a deeper, longer, and more visually aesthetical game than even they believed was originally accomplishable. Ghost of Sparta is, obviously, one of the finest titles available for the Sony PSP. Just when I believed I had Kratos fully figured out, I have been given ideas into another component of his history that makes his pain much more comprehensible. There is nothing enormously different about the interface, because it may not be necessary.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cladun: This is an RPG - PSP Game Review

When I first played Nippon Ichi Software's classic-style dungeon adventure, Cladun: This is an RPG, at that time I was astounded to find myself gazing at the end credits about fifteen minutes after starting the game for the first time. As it turns out, there is a portal in this chromatic realm that allows you finish the game in any way you want. As you might imagine, the ending you have after leaving everything unsolved isn't especially amazing, so you will could want to play it for a wee bit longer. Fortunately, the "wee bit longer" is quite challenging but still give you an pleasurable chunk of time. The multiplayer support in this game is also slightly unsatisfactory. While I really appreciate how developers are trying to squeeze in this feature, the game slow down along even when there are only a couple of players connected through Ad Hoc. It is certainly not playable in this condition, having the versus and co-op options is wonderful -- but it could be better.Although Cladun is developed for a niche in gamer community and the existent battle environment is quite simple, this retro dungeon adventure is a blast as a whole. I love the multiple soundtracks and the art style, so it could be a game that you should keep in your PSP’s memory stick permanently.

Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team Game Review

At first sight, you could think there is plenty of depth to its fighting mechanism. The training segment has loads of records about ultimate supers, chain burst mode, full-power smashes, vanishing attacks, and all kinds of other things. However, all you get in it are a few blurbs of texts about all items. But once you choose to leap into fight, it immediately becomes obvious that you shouldn't actually need to allocate much of your time distressing about real time transport attacks, at any rate.
Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team may be just one of those DBZ fighting game, and won't be hard tell it apart from its predecessors. The team-based multiplayer battles are a good addition, but it is appended to the same older combat model the whole Dragon Ball series has dished out over and over again, and you can find more valuable multiplayer fighting titles on the PSP out there. In all, Tenkaichi Tag Team suggests some depths and varieties but actually unable to give a lot of either, and although it is exciting to handle the enormous power of those characters for a few hours, the repetitious and old taste of the combat mechanism makes it a game only for the most dedicated Dragon Ball lovers.

Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman

NIS equals with long, gruelling RPG’s that necessitate players to play for long periods of time, but in turn offer marvelous gameplay. This game, the Z.H.P Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman is one of them, and it is an excellent portable role-playing game that will consume many hours of gaming, without people even noticing.

The weird and loony story absolutely demonstrates the general tone for the entire game. Darkdeath Evilman will smash the Earth and our hero the Unlosing Ranger is the only one who can hold him back . Being a bit late to the battleground, his worry gets the best of him, the a car accident occurs. As he has dying, he picks out the first bystander he finds to become the second Unlosing Ranger. Ignorant and helpless, your character does not stand a chance. Your simple goal end-to-end the title is to, become powerful, and eventually save the Earth from Darkdeath Evilman.
Anyone who familiar with NIS titles knows what they should be prepared when it comes to interface and presentation. The fictitious characters appear like they are ripped out straight from the Disgaea universe, while the voice works are humorous, contributing personality to all characters you meet.

Anyone wanting for a dementedly long RPG grindfest along with a vast amount of tinkering should immediately pick Z.H.P. The quantity of contents is unrivaled for a PSP title. When it's already 1AM, you may say , “Just one more dungeon,”.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP Game Review

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep offers the finest battle system in this series and among the most self-assertive storytelling titles yet; the title's few issues aren't adequate to spoil the excitement. With three heroes to choose from, a lot of exciting mini-games and a colorful combat experience, this game is highly recommended. It's shiny, though loading time is a little longer than you would like. Overall narration is absorbing and has many charms, though a few Disney side stories tend to have lack a punch. It has brilliant character models and nice particle effects, but environments tend to be static and hollow. Some of the older tunes appear again in this title, but there are some new songs to relish and the voice actors often do a magnificent job. It's cool to hear the legendary Leonard Nimoy as an evil character. Terrific combat system with many upgrades and customization, also robust multiplayer. It offers mostly fun mini-games, with three different campaigns, with loads of secrets to unlock.

Ace Combat: Joint Assault PSP Game Review

For me, Ace Combat: Joint Assault can be dull, despite its fluid solo experience and a nice multiplayer approach. If you are looking for an engaging single-player piloting digital escapade, keep on looking, don't stop here. The campaign is unvarying, the dogfights are slow and the storyline is irritating. However, if there is a group of buddies with PSPs and a yearning for high-velocity aerial maneuvering, then you should give Joint Assault a consideration. For some people, it could be a multiplayer hit.

Other than a few cool moments for example, unlocking the F-117 stealth fighter, and, oddly, swinging persnickety around in a bloated jumbo jet, there was absolutely nothing about this portable pilot game that could give me an excitement. Given the choice between getting Ace Combat: Joint Assault for PSP and an older budget PC air simulation game, perhaps you should choose the latter. There is nothing special with the graphic, but it isn't horrible either. The aircrafts look detailed, and the GeoEye-rendered urban centers look as precise as your expectation.

UFC 2010 Undisputed - PSP Game Review

You shouldn't compare the PSP version of UFC Undisputed 2010 with the PS3/360 versions, if you take in the bigger picture, you'll like this game. The controls simply work and are easier to handle than when using their dual-stick cousins, there are many things to do and a lot of unlockables, and it seems good. Still, the long loads, lack of variety in sound, and presentation incompentences hold this game back from being something really spectacular. UFC Undisputed 2010 is decent, and MMA fans need to give it a look –- however, they should be wary if you've tried the console versions.

In essence, the matches don’t give you the main event feel. Although, you can get around while seeing everything, you won't find anything exceptional. The characters look attractive and the actions flow nicely, but there is the irregular bout with punches and clipping don’t feel effective. There are no announcers around, but matches sounds don't all that thrilling. There is still a learning curve when dealing with the controls, however the simplified setup appears to make landing blows and moves, well, less complicated. Being able to have a career is a huge opportunity and try its bevy of unlockables. Still, it may all feel too similar

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ys Seven PSP Game Review

I have played too much Japanese RPGs to count. So, I consider myself experienced in the J-RPG world, but I have for some reason omitted the Ys series -- a long running series from game developer Falcom that circles around the courageous feats of Adol Christin (or also known as, "Adol the Red"). Ys Seven is among the most current entries in the franchise that is essentially coming to the U.S.
It's OK if you have never have an Ys title before -- the narration of Ys Seven is complete and really easy to get into. Its substantial excitement comes from its battle environment, which provides many action, exceptional actions and ample coins to make Mario and Luigi overjealous. Although the setting of the world is restricted and the game needs some backtracking, I would advise this one to any J-RPG devotee looking for a light-weight experience. And Adol is easily an old-school badass right to the core.

Young Thor PSP Game Review

Young Thor, is a PSP game where you control the mighty God of Thunder in a mission to defeat Hel and free the Norns. How will you accomplish this heroic feat? Many would hear the mythical name "Thor" and promptly think of a mighty hammer. It is a fabled weapon of power and it must be handled like one, which is a single thing that Frima Studios did really well. I deservedly thought that I had divine power to swing my hammer and wipe out my oppositions.
On the whole, I finished the title in less than six hours. You may have longer or shorter depending on your method. Do you wish to get a hundred percent completion on this game? Then you will be pleased to know that you can find in-game achievements for example wipe out a hundred giants, get all parts of armor, or finish levels without taking a single hit. It is a minor functionality but offers reasons to go back. Also, little touches for example the fleeting mental confusion of a troll when you constantly jump near it and the drooling, fanatical goblins gave this a subtle sense of humor.

I was pleasantly stunned by Young Thor. Of course, it is only a side-scrolling action PSP game but it’s fascinating and amusing enough to really stand out from the crowd. There are some amount of grinding that should have been kept off and a few graphical slowdowns, however these won’t cripple your gaming experience. Overall, Young Thor is a strong mini game simply worth its low price tag.

Gravity Crash Portable PSP Games Review

So many titles on the PSP really feel like dumbed versions of the more powerful home consoles, games rammed into a tiny handheld is obviously have limited control schemes -- frequently to their detriment. but this game, Gravity Crash Portable, then again, is, somehow, precisely what I am anticipating out of PSP; it's simple, short, and simply fun. Nevertheless, even this comparatively compact and arcade-like title suffers occasionally from being a little repetitive, and it suffers even more since it is wanting to become a dual-stick shooting game on an environment with only a single analog nub.
However among the features that I found the most amusing is Gold Grabber. It is fundamentally like a Robotron clone that places you in command of a robot that is continuously smothered by foes for you need to shoot. Once again, the face buttons are not quite as pleasing or precise as having a second analog control would be, even so they do the work adequately to make it really entertaining by racking a high score while having a few moments to kill.
This title has a good deal to offer for players who seek to get deeply into a user-created level aspect, while providing many hours of excitement. The primary campaign may be a little dull if played for an extended period of time, however it is fascinating enough.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable

You surely don't need me to convince you that Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is an extraordinary title. Many experts brushed up the game many times now -- once as a complete title time and time again, each time the news is straightforward: get this game and play it. At the moment, the Shin Megami Tensei follows returned as Persona 3 Portable, a crossbred that bundles the chronicle of Persona 3 and a fresh female fictional character.

It is a jumble that shows what works while working with the limits of the Sony PSP, but it remains an excellent title if you're waiting for a Japanese role-playing game or wonderful plot. Of course, Persona 3 is an excellent narrative riddled with unique characters, wonderful combats and loads of things to do. It has all of that, also a few battle enhancements that can improve replay value. Unfortunately, Persona 3 PSP misses some of its finish, as the title forgoes exciting anime cutscenes and also free roaming gameplay. Even so, the core of the original game is still intact and impressive.

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip - PSP Game Review

Hot Shots does many things to keep you absorbed. Supplemental multiplayer is played by up to 4 players, you may join in doubles tournaments in the story mode, and this title even employs the long abandoned "Game Sharing" feature on the Sony PSP so players may test it with a buddy. If you beat up a boss, they are included to the playable roster and you are allowed to then change them with the things you have. Go along playing as the character, and you should fill the loyalty meter to get perks like costumes slots and stat boosts. Aside from a couple of technical problems – there is one match where you can be bogged down bumping into teammates before getting the boot while the camera angle quirk erratically. Of course, the infrastructure mode as rugged as in the Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 should be included in this title, but you may never used the title's online feature. Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip definitely a dazzling title; there is no doubt about that. The game packs the exciting gameplay also time-tested features such as collectables, personal ranks, unlockable characters, and whole lot more. It may not be an addictive hook just like earlier Hot Shots games, however it is still an impressive game in its own right, that's for sure.

Armored Core: Last Raven Portable - PSP Game Review

A good deal of achievement in this title comes from heuristical methods, and not only from typical armored core gameplays. There are some reconnaissance, defense, and escort missions also, and some of them can stump you initially until you understand that you need to return to the garage and optimize some components. For example, an early mission requires you to wipe out threats near a couple of bridges so that your units can get ahead.

Regardless of its displeasing gameplay, Last Raven Portable holds back that mystical charm common amongst all Armored Core devotees whereby you may spend tons of hours on tweaking mech configuration. It is a pity that no compromise were made to make the game more convenient because the previous Armored Core: Formula Front has auto-battle option (which, when turned on, put an focus straightforwardly on the configuration aspect). If you are an Armored Core lover who has been playing its portable items with gusto, you should feel more comfortable and may likely be urged to kill all enemy mech in the game's virtual stadium and finish all missions to see all endings. However, if you only love huge robots and like to see things blow up on a PSP, you shouldn't start with this game.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Metal Gear Solid (MGS): Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid (MGS): Peace Walker essentially picks up the reality of Naked Snake right after MGS 3: Snake Eater and MGS: Portable Ops. Now os 1974, and Snake's a little disillusioned. After obliterating his "treasonous" mentor in MGS 3, Snake departed the U.S. and established Militaires Sans Frontieres, or borderless soldiers, a team that bravely helps the unfortunate. Soon, a student and professor appear begging for help. It appears that the Central Intelligence Agency has overran Costa Rica, and figuring as how the little nation does not have a strong armed services, the duo wants MSF to intervene to set things right. Snake resists the offer, however when the professor gives him a tape that apparently shows the Boss is still alive, MSF accepts the reduce.
The game is devilishly deep. It’s exciting and you'll love all of its small details, but I won't spoil that for you.

The game is impressive and you should play it. It is not complete however, as the co-op is required in certain locations, however the game is still a pure chef-d'oeuvre.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Disgaea Infinite - PSP Game Review

Fans of Disgaea series may never have an easy walk, and now they are confronted with the most dreadful circumstances in Disgaea Infinite. Playing as one of the misfortunate Prinnies, you need to forestall the assassination on Lord Laharl before he does any harm to you. However time is at your advantage, with the assistance of a wondrous being, Prinny's soul can be returned to earlier places in the story arcs should your last effort falls short. The most revolutionary departure is that you have a strictly a visual novel game. If you are anticipating a colorful strategy role-playing game, it isn't the most appropriate game for you.
It is not all laughs and gags, though. Repetitive sequences time and time again gets dull, as does the game's heuristic nature. To rectify this, there is an feature to auto skip, however use it carefully lest you leave out crucial moments. The voices is a little cheesy, and Prinny's excessive use of "dood" may disturb you, but there is an option to use Japanese language or instantly mute the casts. Disgaea Infinite's flexible style offers a short distraction that is well-suited for your PSP experience.

Hexyz Force - PSP Game Review

When your task is to ensure the survival of a world, it is crucial that your comrades and your martial arts can back you up completely. The game has a battle arrangement that allows you to be both dynamical and tactical, smiting your oppositions completely without getting reckless. Backed up by a broad array of characters and a couple of unique story arcs, the game gives you a canonical dungeon-running journey that centers on the fundamentals and turns out to be a fulfilling adventure.
You may get through one campaign in approximately twenty to twenty-five hours, and because both primary protagonists occupy different lands and carry out different missions, there are a good deal of urge to complete another campaign once you end the first. You will unlock a couple of perks, for database gallery of characters, products and tunes, but you can not hold over any of your former skills. While you talk with a townsperson who'd like you to execute a specific task, the primary story arc covers just about most of the game. It isn't a complicated ultra-epic with a bottomless plot line and characters you will eternally hold close to the bottom of your heart. It is an average RPG that can raise itself through well-adjusted item and battle systems and a realm that you won't mind saving. The game hands over all the essential basics of an attractive adventure, with sensible performance.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

ModNation Racers PSP Game Review

Couple of months ago I've played ModNation Racers on the Sony PSP and I was really impressed. In general, drifting was a little stiff, however the track design was quite awe-inspiring as you could whomp up a 3D track without ever experiencing the PSP slow down or chug. If you can get used to the stiff controls, then you should be on your way.

Oblivious of ModNation Racers? Well, you are insane! It is a kart racing game that will kicked LittleBigPlanet out of the water. Sure, you will be able to take part in a long career mode and participate in race online, but there will be also this collection of creation utilities that allow you grind out the own courses, racers (also known as Mods), and you may share your karts online so people all around the whole world may download your hotrods. If you grasp deeper into the game, you will have a near-constant flow of contents, as long as there are players are popping to join the fray.
Driving will never feel all that smooth or simple, and it may hold back your experiences.
I was really torn over this game. On the one hand, it’s supremely awesome to see how the game was designed. When you whomp up your own course, modify the terrain, and add plants and buildings without the game slowing down, it’s simple to gawk at how Sony San Diego has succeeded this time. But then, the racing seems a little flat -- there isn’t a sensation of accelerateion and the controls are a little clumsy and inflexible.

ModNation Racers is a title that is rough around the edges. However, the game got a few amazing concepts, but the gameplay problems and flat presentation may hold it back somewha.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Game Review

Besides being helplessly caught in oblivion between a completely digital realm and UMD , the Sony PSP has consistently plagued with a kind of identity crisis. It's just strong enough to emulate scaled down variants of your favorite titles on PS 3, but they completely suffer from less powerful visuals and controls which have been tailored onto the gadget. Ubisoft is among the few companies that take their time to develop a distinctive experience designed specifically for the specialties of the gadget. In this matter they may need to be commended for their efforts, even if they were not completely successful in following through the original premise.

The Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands basically reiterates the chronicle of an athletic young Prince who want to prevail over magical forces to redeem his family members and his realm. A wicked fire spirit is taking the royalty hostage and the best way he can stop the carnage is by allying with the God of Time's daughter. Your characters jump, run, and execute perfectly timed leapings past environmental challenges while from time to time engaging in a few easy sword-play. Other than the unsatisfying revelation about the game conclusion, Prince of Persia is a firm experiences on the portable platform. It professionally steps the line between providing us a sense of what are inside on the bigger consoles and promising distinctive and stimulating interface that is suitable to the gadget. If not for the haphazard stumbles, I would describe the Forgotten Sands as a solid addition to anyone’s Sony PSP library. Even so, be prepared for a few grievous frustration as ar trying to complete the game.

2010 FIFA World Cup (South Africa) Game Review

Porting games onto the Sony PSP is consistently a feat for EA Sports. These people continuously scramble to differentiate this game enough from its console cousins, while keeping a really low cap for development budget. So now we got 2010 FIFA World Cup (South Africa), title that makes almost no effort at differentiating its functionality set from its console counterparts. Rather, 2010 FIFA attempts to simulate what was appeared on PS3 and XBox 360. The endeavor is admirable, fortunately eventually falls short of bringing comparable gameplay flavor.
I is an adequate effort that overzealous soccer buffs are willing to catch whie waiting for the actual event. There is a comfortable amount of material under the hood, however people would have liked to get some completely refined interface, fresh structure and a number of attributes that served to tell apart this newest FIFA version on Sony PSP from its bigger siblings. As it stands, it one just ain’t up to spec.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dead or Alive Paradise - PSP Game Review

When the first Dead or Alive a beach volleyball game debuted on Microsoft's Xbox, it could rely on the performance of the console to sell the severely disproportional hotties as tempting females that you may creepily leered at when they sprawled nicely on the sand. On Sony PSP, it is another issue completely. Unfortunately with the the modest hardware and tiny screen size, the dames inside Dead or Alive Paradise now feel like ruined shambles of their former-selves (while the wobbly boobs physics are sure enough still intact). That would be alright, but the reality that the small games seem robotic and deficient of any traditional substructure to ramp up the experiences beyond what is currently offered may condemn this game into the deepest pit of purgatory.
Dead or Alive Paradise may be poorly planned, made worse by poor mini-games grouping that are not assisted by the graphics’ ability to pass out the characters’ desirability. The physics engine does not help the fact that you are staring at a beautiful young women in two-pieces, but those jigglings are comical nonetheless. You may be able to get a little excitement from this volleyball game if you are able to stand the actions and uncanny looking animations. The game is playable, however the length of loading throughout is a serious bummer. Finally, if you are mature enough to purchase the title legally , chances are you are mature enough to see this game is not for you. Certain people might glimpse nirvana someplace in those angular bodies, but I guess that's it................

Patchwork Heroes - PSP Game Review

I love unconventional, innovative video games, and the Sony PSP essentially has plenty of 'em. PSP games like Patapon and LocoRoco have made my days more exciting. Patchwork Heroes, also carries all the charm and style that we have come to expect and adore from good PSP games, but it simply does not quite have enough bangs there to make it really shine.

It follows a gang of fighter jocks who ride some flying vans. With huge airships invading their community, so as the primary character, Titori, it is your job to smash them. The whole title is portrayed with a side-view of airships, with 3rd person view of Titori as this guy crawls slowly like an tiny spider on the ship hull.
If you enjoy your Sony PSP, you need to get Patchwork Heroes. It may not be without flaws, but it's exciting and it's seminal. The charm, the narrative, the heroes, and the tunes are all amazing (although the songs are unvarying). The game is stimulating and memorable, and if you move along in smaller spurts you may last longer than attempting to blast through the whole thing. I hope the title endured to lengthy playtime before becoming addled and if just there was a multiplayer feature or more big challenges, so it would be better if we get Patchwork Heroes 2 after this.

PSP Game Review - BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


The game is a reasonably straight-forward conversion of the first PS3 game, with a couple of observable variations. Although the extraordinary gameplay has been laudably revived on Sony's PSP, some spectacular (and maybe inevitable) sacrifices need to be made to the graphics and audio along the way. It is a huge blow for BlazBlue lovers like me who were enjoy the incredible character sprites, however at least it runs smoothly.

BlazBlue Portable is one dramatic title on its own, however gamers may need to remember that the follow-up of BlazBlue game, Continuum Shift, is already confirmed for launch in U.S.. With this fact, I would advise that future buyers hold back and buy Continuum Shift when it is available. But if you have some extra cash, it won't hurt to have the portable version as well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Great tales resonate within a society are independent of any pop culture crazes. Those are the stories that told time and time again, a little expanding with period but keeping up with the central topics is something that is the most important. Lunar has lasted for four consoles since its introduction over ten years ago at SEGA CD, and it remains successful not only because of its intuitive interface but due to the fact that it has a timeless story of youthful love, treason, and friendly relationship.

That said the PSP port is the highest quality variant of Lunar ever developed. The surrounding have been nicely redrawn, and the fictional characters and menu art appears beautiful inside the PSP. Sony's portable also guarantees that the soundtrack tunes as great as ever while the standard animated cutscenes are still there. The songs and spoken dialogue are a big component of this game's realm and they break through attractively. There is even the in-game object that allows you to see those scenes every time. If you're fascinated in choosing Silver Star Harmony solely for nostalgic factor, it is a glorious redo that emphasizes the game's finest characteristics. If you are unaccustomed with Lunar you may need to understand that at the essence is the battle system has shown its age and will in the end bore a few players.
As a dedicated lover of Lunar, I could not be more contented with the remake on Sony PSP. The opportunity to save the game inside the character menu along with the sleep feature of PSP makes the lengthy role-playing taste really accessible. The characters and the story simply work well, making Lunar an excellent alternative for those who do not mind a direct turn-based battle system.

Dante's Inferno - PSP Game Review

Each time a famous console title is released with a PSP version in tow, you will usually find a good argument to be anxious. A few fare just alright, then again there are some titles that face problematic lifespans. The PSP versions that take what is actually an acceptable, or even amazing, console title and however somewhere along the line end up wriggling and breaking whatever have worked nicely in the other ports and then offering it based only on its brand. Fortunately, it is certainly not like that in Dante's Inferno at the PSP version. As a matter of fact, I'm convinced this PSP variant can be better prepared to deal with its immediate contender than the console variants of the game.
Amazingly, the graphics are quite good. While clearly not up to the level of the Xbox 360 or PS3 variants, Dante's Inferno features are nothing to scoff at either. Dante himself, and also many of the foes discovered in the game are clearly accurate illustrated and have an acceptable detail of animations. You will still find a few amazingly set pieces and large areas, even though occasionally the space is really big or you will find a lot going on the screen, this title can hiccup slightly, even hesitating for a few seconds sometimes when loading. Still, it does not regularly cause any big issues with the game other than the infrequent non-functioning combo.

If you are looking for a 3rd-person action adventure game in PSP, the first alternative should be God of War series. Even so, Dante's Inferno is completely no slouch, simply coming in quickly at a close second. With the sensitive and multifaceted combat, beautiful graphics, good plot, and astonishingly extended campaign, it's decidedly worth to buy. It is a good choice for those who love God of War series and Bayonetta.

Metal Slug XX - PSP Game Review

There is something curiously satisfying in SNK’s Metal Slug franchise. A good old platform for old-school fans, the series has not transformed a little, as far back as its release in the mid nineties. Other series' had moved to 3D gameplay and totted up specific gameplay objects, even so Metal Slug has remained firm in the face of technology and time. Of course, new characters came out -- along with brand new weapons system and even more powerful bosses -- you'll find a similar 2D sprite-based graphical wild actions we have been delighting since the earliest Metal Slug hit pizza parlors and arcades around the world.
Metal Slug XX presents the most recent version in the long-running shooting franchise, and offers what you would expect. In point of fact, if you tried Metal Slug 7 in Nintendo DS the moment it was introduced in 2008, you should stop reading the review, as Metal Slug XX is just its port version. If you are a loyal devotee of Metal Slug series and PSP user who doesn't have the opportunity to play the DS variant, then the series might be right up your alley.
Other than that, the deviations between Metal Slug 7 and Metal Slug XX are mild at best. The PSP version does not completely utilize the extra real estate in PSP’s 16:9 display, and using it in full-screen mode causes the graphics appear slightly stretched for some people. Thankfully, you can play this game at 4:3, which can make the graphic looks better.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 PSP Game Review

When SOCOM released on the PS 2 with the integrated modem and headset, I thought I will be duking it out in the online competition bucketed along through with blazing guns. Even so, when I arrived home and hooked it up, I found a good game that have too concentrated on orders and commands for my action-skewed interests. The game and its accessories immediately started to gather dust, and the whole series lost its spark and fun for me.
In this new sequel, you will play as Wraith, a Navy SEAL team leader who just assembled a four-man team for a super- hush-hush expedition. Looks like a U.S. operative is behind the Soviet lines and all people the government sends out to meet the mole never return. So, the Navy SEALs are immediately to deal with the bottom of the conundrum.

When I finished playing he game, I am a little frustrated by its brief campaign. Subsequently, I recalled how great it is to devour those missions cooperatively with my friends. Then, I found how much excitement custom missions are. Finally, I found the delight in tripping the light fantastic over fallen rivals in the multiplayer matches. Fireteam Bravo 3 is a wonderful package. Of course, we could do for a little more variety – the story easily gets confused in the mix, the armaments all feel equal, and you are really just using a similar strategies the whole game – but luckily that does not spoil the entire experience.

The game is exciting, and if you dig deeper in it, it will be enough to keep you playing it for a while.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories PSP Game Review

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a horror adventure game crammed full with many troubling topics, for a starter the community is assaulted by a blizzard, a large percentage of its residents are lost, and horrendous monsters regularly shriek from frozen and dark corners. The bloodcurdling and stupefying plot line is encircled by high entertainment values, from accurate character modeling whose faces and bodies float fluidly to solid voice acting as well as the moody and energetic soundtracks by its old-time composer Akira Yamaoka. Overall, the PSP version is indistinguishable to the Wii version with fresh trims in presentation and control. The portable feels isn't nearly as persuasive as the console type, but if you look for frights on the 'go,' Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is certainly suffices.

Shattered Memories is not your typical horror title. A few dedicated followers will beyond question raise a fuss on all deviations whether grand or subtle, but I think this re-imagining sufficiently succeeds in this sequel. The overarching narration, heroes, and monsters may all appear slightly well-known to all the Silent Hill purists, however Climax has crafted a game refreshfully dissimilar yet still now and then quite chilling.

All the same, you will find some astounding actions encapsulated inside Harry's frozen trek and you'll be both amazed and frightened as you in the end unveil the reality about his baby girl's disappearance and the bloodcurdling commotion in the creepy-crawly community.

The PSP variant of this title isn't nearly as tempting as the Wii game before it. The visual and auditory downgrades should be expected. The lighting FX are humbler all around. More unsatisfying, though, are the dull controls -- Mason acts more sluggish and more effortful -- and the inability to immediately direct his flashlight, a significant selling point of the whole series. Those problems noted, Shattered Memories is still a reliable PSP horror thriller, especially for those who love the genre.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Zombie Tycoon PSP Game Review

The content of Zombie Tycoon is unquestionably an attracting one. As an ambitious, demented scientist with no view in morality, you command a horde of zombies while attempting to control the whole world with only your shambling, groaning legions. As a huge fan of zombie films, I at first believed Zombie Tycoon, as an exciting, real-time game title. However, Zombie Tycoon does not come close to this expectations. Rather, the gameplay gives you with a mediocre gaming experience that has a few baffling design defects.

Zombie Tycoon is an easy 55 MB download. The earliest issue you will get with it, though, comes up before you have even queued up for downloading the game itself. Gamers curious in buying the freshly introduced Zombie Tycoon may notice that the cost is a surprising $7.99. However, should be appropriate for such a small program. As you can finish the 50% of Zombie Tycoon in just a couple of hours. Zombie Tycoon has an exciting aesthetic, a lot of details and a realistic control outline. However the interface has complex issues. A very sensitive camera, discouraging AI and a barbarous lack of checkpoints (play for 15 minutes, make a single small slip and start all over again) make this game more of a baffling frustration instead of a refreshing RTS.

Army of Two: The 40th Day PSP Game Review

The risk in delivering a title from a full-size console to a handheld game is that important attributes can get lost quickly. A few capabilities can be restricted, while other features are modified or entirely removed to fit inside less powerful systems. The most crucial matter is: how do these modifications influence the whole gameplay? In Army of Two: The 40th Day, those changes aren't for the better. Literally giving up the franchise's cooperative focus, the light-weight variant deteriorates into an inferior action game.

The 40th Day's setting is in Shanghai as in a number of days as Salem and Rios run missions in their own private soldierly company, TransWorld Operations. These people accept a quick agreement for an immense payday and do not expect much trouble in achieving their jobs. As they complete their mission, Shanghai is attacked. Rios and Salem must stay alive to find out who is behind this. The PSP edition adopts the console story faithfully and even changes much of the talks. Even so, the sense of pandemonium is totally missing on the little display; the roads appear too cramped and the devastation you see looks insignificant. Consequently, it does not feel like the whole city is crashing down all around you, and there is no a torrential adrenaline rush after outliving the combats.
Sloppy action episodes, brain-dead AI and narrower game capabilities absolutely throttle the ported Army of Two: The 40th day. Although the title does boast morality episodes, acceptable talks and a few terrains to go through, the execution is so elementary and unvaried that the entertainment is entirely nonexistent. It's well worth some exploring, even so spare yourself – and your friends – from the mediocre experiences.

Mytran Wars PSP Game Review


PSP strategy genre is frequently took root in the fantasy culture, particularly when it comes to those strategy-RPG hybrid. With dragons, mages and knights dominating in this genre, and a gun-toting mech could be thought as freaky. This is a kind of typical, however, in Mytran Wars, a relatively unknown game of Sony PSP. In the title, you play one of two playable races and you wage a fierce war on grid based environment with a wide range of sophisticated armaments and extraterrestrial technologies. It might seem like a wonderful time, however Mytran Wars sustains from various problems, both technical and mechanical, which can prevent the game from being a little more than a second-rate affair.
Mytran Wars starts with a company, known as the Kondor Corporation and it wages an space invasion to a cryptic planet of Pythar. An intelligent youthful Eli and his lady friend/guard Rachel are onboard one of the initial spacecraft to Pythar with the purpose of prospecting the Pythar for valuable resources. The mech leader for the expedition, Loki, isn't as kid-glove as our planet hopping pair and stays faithful only to the chairman of Kondor Corporation: Alexander Wolfe

Mytran Wars gives you a classic strategy experiences with a lot of tech trees, complex mission objectives and an exciting premise, however this game suffers from awkward processes, cumbersome unit handling and the art/literary genre that seems like an amateurish feat. Put differently: buyer beware!