Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Great tales resonate within a society are independent of any pop culture crazes. Those are the stories that told time and time again, a little expanding with period but keeping up with the central topics is something that is the most important. Lunar has lasted for four consoles since its introduction over ten years ago at SEGA CD, and it remains successful not only because of its intuitive interface but due to the fact that it has a timeless story of youthful love, treason, and friendly relationship.

That said the PSP port is the highest quality variant of Lunar ever developed. The surrounding have been nicely redrawn, and the fictional characters and menu art appears beautiful inside the PSP. Sony's portable also guarantees that the soundtrack tunes as great as ever while the standard animated cutscenes are still there. The songs and spoken dialogue are a big component of this game's realm and they break through attractively. There is even the in-game object that allows you to see those scenes every time. If you're fascinated in choosing Silver Star Harmony solely for nostalgic factor, it is a glorious redo that emphasizes the game's finest characteristics. If you are unaccustomed with Lunar you may need to understand that at the essence is the battle system has shown its age and will in the end bore a few players.
As a dedicated lover of Lunar, I could not be more contented with the remake on Sony PSP. The opportunity to save the game inside the character menu along with the sleep feature of PSP makes the lengthy role-playing taste really accessible. The characters and the story simply work well, making Lunar an excellent alternative for those who do not mind a direct turn-based battle system.