Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dead or Alive Paradise - PSP Game Review

When the first Dead or Alive a beach volleyball game debuted on Microsoft's Xbox, it could rely on the performance of the console to sell the severely disproportional hotties as tempting females that you may creepily leered at when they sprawled nicely on the sand. On Sony PSP, it is another issue completely. Unfortunately with the the modest hardware and tiny screen size, the dames inside Dead or Alive Paradise now feel like ruined shambles of their former-selves (while the wobbly boobs physics are sure enough still intact). That would be alright, but the reality that the small games seem robotic and deficient of any traditional substructure to ramp up the experiences beyond what is currently offered may condemn this game into the deepest pit of purgatory.
Dead or Alive Paradise may be poorly planned, made worse by poor mini-games grouping that are not assisted by the graphics’ ability to pass out the characters’ desirability. The physics engine does not help the fact that you are staring at a beautiful young women in two-pieces, but those jigglings are comical nonetheless. You may be able to get a little excitement from this volleyball game if you are able to stand the actions and uncanny looking animations. The game is playable, however the length of loading throughout is a serious bummer. Finally, if you are mature enough to purchase the title legally , chances are you are mature enough to see this game is not for you. Certain people might glimpse nirvana someplace in those angular bodies, but I guess that's it................

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