Thursday, December 30, 2010

Knights in the Nightmare - PSP Game Review

This is a fairly fine-looking game, with appealing looking 2D sprites and well depicted character portrayals. This is rather standard fare for a games that is developed by Sting and in fact looks slightly better than the Dreamcast version released in 2009. Audio also appears immensely improved due to the additional space offered by a UMD/installation process, but occasionally it can get a little disorganized since all actions on the battlefields are followed by some forms of commentary.

Developers have done a marvelous job in porting this game to the PSP. The control arrangement works out properly using the analog stick for the pointer while the stylus has similar function the Dreamcast. Gameplay is satisfying and does an amazing job of bringing excitement to the PSP, sound feels a tad cliché but still works out fabulously. Gameplay is entirely tolerable in both marathon sessions and small doses, especially once the central points of story get rolling. If you love Disgaea or others PSP strategy RPGs. I highly advise you to buy Knights in the Nightmare.

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