Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ys Seven PSP Game Review

I have played too much Japanese RPGs to count. So, I consider myself experienced in the J-RPG world, but I have for some reason omitted the Ys series -- a long running series from game developer Falcom that circles around the courageous feats of Adol Christin (or also known as, "Adol the Red"). Ys Seven is among the most current entries in the franchise that is essentially coming to the U.S.
It's OK if you have never have an Ys title before -- the narration of Ys Seven is complete and really easy to get into. Its substantial excitement comes from its battle environment, which provides many action, exceptional actions and ample coins to make Mario and Luigi overjealous. Although the setting of the world is restricted and the game needs some backtracking, I would advise this one to any J-RPG devotee looking for a light-weight experience. And Adol is easily an old-school badass right to the core.

Young Thor PSP Game Review

Young Thor, is a PSP game where you control the mighty God of Thunder in a mission to defeat Hel and free the Norns. How will you accomplish this heroic feat? Many would hear the mythical name "Thor" and promptly think of a mighty hammer. It is a fabled weapon of power and it must be handled like one, which is a single thing that Frima Studios did really well. I deservedly thought that I had divine power to swing my hammer and wipe out my oppositions.
On the whole, I finished the title in less than six hours. You may have longer or shorter depending on your method. Do you wish to get a hundred percent completion on this game? Then you will be pleased to know that you can find in-game achievements for example wipe out a hundred giants, get all parts of armor, or finish levels without taking a single hit. It is a minor functionality but offers reasons to go back. Also, little touches for example the fleeting mental confusion of a troll when you constantly jump near it and the drooling, fanatical goblins gave this a subtle sense of humor.

I was pleasantly stunned by Young Thor. Of course, it is only a side-scrolling action PSP game but it’s fascinating and amusing enough to really stand out from the crowd. There are some amount of grinding that should have been kept off and a few graphical slowdowns, however these won’t cripple your gaming experience. Overall, Young Thor is a strong mini game simply worth its low price tag.

Gravity Crash Portable PSP Games Review

So many titles on the PSP really feel like dumbed versions of the more powerful home consoles, games rammed into a tiny handheld is obviously have limited control schemes -- frequently to their detriment. but this game, Gravity Crash Portable, then again, is, somehow, precisely what I am anticipating out of PSP; it's simple, short, and simply fun. Nevertheless, even this comparatively compact and arcade-like title suffers occasionally from being a little repetitive, and it suffers even more since it is wanting to become a dual-stick shooting game on an environment with only a single analog nub.
However among the features that I found the most amusing is Gold Grabber. It is fundamentally like a Robotron clone that places you in command of a robot that is continuously smothered by foes for you need to shoot. Once again, the face buttons are not quite as pleasing or precise as having a second analog control would be, even so they do the work adequately to make it really entertaining by racking a high score while having a few moments to kill.
This title has a good deal to offer for players who seek to get deeply into a user-created level aspect, while providing many hours of excitement. The primary campaign may be a little dull if played for an extended period of time, however it is fascinating enough.