Friday, January 22, 2010

Zombie Tycoon PSP Game Review

The content of Zombie Tycoon is unquestionably an attracting one. As an ambitious, demented scientist with no view in morality, you command a horde of zombies while attempting to control the whole world with only your shambling, groaning legions. As a huge fan of zombie films, I at first believed Zombie Tycoon, as an exciting, real-time game title. However, Zombie Tycoon does not come close to this expectations. Rather, the gameplay gives you with a mediocre gaming experience that has a few baffling design defects.

Zombie Tycoon is an easy 55 MB download. The earliest issue you will get with it, though, comes up before you have even queued up for downloading the game itself. Gamers curious in buying the freshly introduced Zombie Tycoon may notice that the cost is a surprising $7.99. However, should be appropriate for such a small program. As you can finish the 50% of Zombie Tycoon in just a couple of hours. Zombie Tycoon has an exciting aesthetic, a lot of details and a realistic control outline. However the interface has complex issues. A very sensitive camera, discouraging AI and a barbarous lack of checkpoints (play for 15 minutes, make a single small slip and start all over again) make this game more of a baffling frustration instead of a refreshing RTS.