Thursday, February 25, 2010

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 PSP Game Review

When SOCOM released on the PS 2 with the integrated modem and headset, I thought I will be duking it out in the online competition bucketed along through with blazing guns. Even so, when I arrived home and hooked it up, I found a good game that have too concentrated on orders and commands for my action-skewed interests. The game and its accessories immediately started to gather dust, and the whole series lost its spark and fun for me.
In this new sequel, you will play as Wraith, a Navy SEAL team leader who just assembled a four-man team for a super- hush-hush expedition. Looks like a U.S. operative is behind the Soviet lines and all people the government sends out to meet the mole never return. So, the Navy SEALs are immediately to deal with the bottom of the conundrum.

When I finished playing he game, I am a little frustrated by its brief campaign. Subsequently, I recalled how great it is to devour those missions cooperatively with my friends. Then, I found how much excitement custom missions are. Finally, I found the delight in tripping the light fantastic over fallen rivals in the multiplayer matches. Fireteam Bravo 3 is a wonderful package. Of course, we could do for a little more variety – the story easily gets confused in the mix, the armaments all feel equal, and you are really just using a similar strategies the whole game – but luckily that does not spoil the entire experience.

The game is exciting, and if you dig deeper in it, it will be enough to keep you playing it for a while.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories PSP Game Review

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a horror adventure game crammed full with many troubling topics, for a starter the community is assaulted by a blizzard, a large percentage of its residents are lost, and horrendous monsters regularly shriek from frozen and dark corners. The bloodcurdling and stupefying plot line is encircled by high entertainment values, from accurate character modeling whose faces and bodies float fluidly to solid voice acting as well as the moody and energetic soundtracks by its old-time composer Akira Yamaoka. Overall, the PSP version is indistinguishable to the Wii version with fresh trims in presentation and control. The portable feels isn't nearly as persuasive as the console type, but if you look for frights on the 'go,' Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is certainly suffices.

Shattered Memories is not your typical horror title. A few dedicated followers will beyond question raise a fuss on all deviations whether grand or subtle, but I think this re-imagining sufficiently succeeds in this sequel. The overarching narration, heroes, and monsters may all appear slightly well-known to all the Silent Hill purists, however Climax has crafted a game refreshfully dissimilar yet still now and then quite chilling.

All the same, you will find some astounding actions encapsulated inside Harry's frozen trek and you'll be both amazed and frightened as you in the end unveil the reality about his baby girl's disappearance and the bloodcurdling commotion in the creepy-crawly community.

The PSP variant of this title isn't nearly as tempting as the Wii game before it. The visual and auditory downgrades should be expected. The lighting FX are humbler all around. More unsatisfying, though, are the dull controls -- Mason acts more sluggish and more effortful -- and the inability to immediately direct his flashlight, a significant selling point of the whole series. Those problems noted, Shattered Memories is still a reliable PSP horror thriller, especially for those who love the genre.