Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP Game Review

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep offers the finest battle system in this series and among the most self-assertive storytelling titles yet; the title's few issues aren't adequate to spoil the excitement. With three heroes to choose from, a lot of exciting mini-games and a colorful combat experience, this game is highly recommended. It's shiny, though loading time is a little longer than you would like. Overall narration is absorbing and has many charms, though a few Disney side stories tend to have lack a punch. It has brilliant character models and nice particle effects, but environments tend to be static and hollow. Some of the older tunes appear again in this title, but there are some new songs to relish and the voice actors often do a magnificent job. It's cool to hear the legendary Leonard Nimoy as an evil character. Terrific combat system with many upgrades and customization, also robust multiplayer. It offers mostly fun mini-games, with three different campaigns, with loads of secrets to unlock.

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