Saturday, July 31, 2010

Armored Core: Last Raven Portable - PSP Game Review

A good deal of achievement in this title comes from heuristical methods, and not only from typical armored core gameplays. There are some reconnaissance, defense, and escort missions also, and some of them can stump you initially until you understand that you need to return to the garage and optimize some components. For example, an early mission requires you to wipe out threats near a couple of bridges so that your units can get ahead.

Regardless of its displeasing gameplay, Last Raven Portable holds back that mystical charm common amongst all Armored Core devotees whereby you may spend tons of hours on tweaking mech configuration. It is a pity that no compromise were made to make the game more convenient because the previous Armored Core: Formula Front has auto-battle option (which, when turned on, put an focus straightforwardly on the configuration aspect). If you are an Armored Core lover who has been playing its portable items with gusto, you should feel more comfortable and may likely be urged to kill all enemy mech in the game's virtual stadium and finish all missions to see all endings. However, if you only love huge robots and like to see things blow up on a PSP, you shouldn't start with this game.

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