Saturday, August 28, 2010

Young Thor PSP Game Review

Young Thor, is a PSP game where you control the mighty God of Thunder in a mission to defeat Hel and free the Norns. How will you accomplish this heroic feat? Many would hear the mythical name "Thor" and promptly think of a mighty hammer. It is a fabled weapon of power and it must be handled like one, which is a single thing that Frima Studios did really well. I deservedly thought that I had divine power to swing my hammer and wipe out my oppositions.
On the whole, I finished the title in less than six hours. You may have longer or shorter depending on your method. Do you wish to get a hundred percent completion on this game? Then you will be pleased to know that you can find in-game achievements for example wipe out a hundred giants, get all parts of armor, or finish levels without taking a single hit. It is a minor functionality but offers reasons to go back. Also, little touches for example the fleeting mental confusion of a troll when you constantly jump near it and the drooling, fanatical goblins gave this a subtle sense of humor.

I was pleasantly stunned by Young Thor. Of course, it is only a side-scrolling action PSP game but it’s fascinating and amusing enough to really stand out from the crowd. There are some amount of grinding that should have been kept off and a few graphical slowdowns, however these won’t cripple your gaming experience. Overall, Young Thor is a strong mini game simply worth its low price tag.

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