Friday, January 22, 2010

Mytran Wars PSP Game Review


PSP strategy genre is frequently took root in the fantasy culture, particularly when it comes to those strategy-RPG hybrid. With dragons, mages and knights dominating in this genre, and a gun-toting mech could be thought as freaky. This is a kind of typical, however, in Mytran Wars, a relatively unknown game of Sony PSP. In the title, you play one of two playable races and you wage a fierce war on grid based environment with a wide range of sophisticated armaments and extraterrestrial technologies. It might seem like a wonderful time, however Mytran Wars sustains from various problems, both technical and mechanical, which can prevent the game from being a little more than a second-rate affair.
Mytran Wars starts with a company, known as the Kondor Corporation and it wages an space invasion to a cryptic planet of Pythar. An intelligent youthful Eli and his lady friend/guard Rachel are onboard one of the initial spacecraft to Pythar with the purpose of prospecting the Pythar for valuable resources. The mech leader for the expedition, Loki, isn't as kid-glove as our planet hopping pair and stays faithful only to the chairman of Kondor Corporation: Alexander Wolfe

Mytran Wars gives you a classic strategy experiences with a lot of tech trees, complex mission objectives and an exciting premise, however this game suffers from awkward processes, cumbersome unit handling and the art/literary genre that seems like an amateurish feat. Put differently: buyer beware!

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