Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip - PSP Game Review

Hot Shots does many things to keep you absorbed. Supplemental multiplayer is played by up to 4 players, you may join in doubles tournaments in the story mode, and this title even employs the long abandoned "Game Sharing" feature on the Sony PSP so players may test it with a buddy. If you beat up a boss, they are included to the playable roster and you are allowed to then change them with the things you have. Go along playing as the character, and you should fill the loyalty meter to get perks like costumes slots and stat boosts. Aside from a couple of technical problems – there is one match where you can be bogged down bumping into teammates before getting the boot while the camera angle quirk erratically. Of course, the infrastructure mode as rugged as in the Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 should be included in this title, but you may never used the title's online feature. Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip definitely a dazzling title; there is no doubt about that. The game packs the exciting gameplay also time-tested features such as collectables, personal ranks, unlockable characters, and whole lot more. It may not be an addictive hook just like earlier Hot Shots games, however it is still an impressive game in its own right, that's for sure.

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