Sunday, April 25, 2010

Patchwork Heroes - PSP Game Review

I love unconventional, innovative video games, and the Sony PSP essentially has plenty of 'em. PSP games like Patapon and LocoRoco have made my days more exciting. Patchwork Heroes, also carries all the charm and style that we have come to expect and adore from good PSP games, but it simply does not quite have enough bangs there to make it really shine.

It follows a gang of fighter jocks who ride some flying vans. With huge airships invading their community, so as the primary character, Titori, it is your job to smash them. The whole title is portrayed with a side-view of airships, with 3rd person view of Titori as this guy crawls slowly like an tiny spider on the ship hull.
If you enjoy your Sony PSP, you need to get Patchwork Heroes. It may not be without flaws, but it's exciting and it's seminal. The charm, the narrative, the heroes, and the tunes are all amazing (although the songs are unvarying). The game is stimulating and memorable, and if you move along in smaller spurts you may last longer than attempting to blast through the whole thing. I hope the title endured to lengthy playtime before becoming addled and if just there was a multiplayer feature or more big challenges, so it would be better if we get Patchwork Heroes 2 after this.

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