Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Metal Slug XX - PSP Game Review

There is something curiously satisfying in SNK’s Metal Slug franchise. A good old platform for old-school fans, the series has not transformed a little, as far back as its release in the mid nineties. Other series' had moved to 3D gameplay and totted up specific gameplay objects, even so Metal Slug has remained firm in the face of technology and time. Of course, new characters came out -- along with brand new weapons system and even more powerful bosses -- you'll find a similar 2D sprite-based graphical wild actions we have been delighting since the earliest Metal Slug hit pizza parlors and arcades around the world.
Metal Slug XX presents the most recent version in the long-running shooting franchise, and offers what you would expect. In point of fact, if you tried Metal Slug 7 in Nintendo DS the moment it was introduced in 2008, you should stop reading the review, as Metal Slug XX is just its port version. If you are a loyal devotee of Metal Slug series and PSP user who doesn't have the opportunity to play the DS variant, then the series might be right up your alley.
Other than that, the deviations between Metal Slug 7 and Metal Slug XX are mild at best. The PSP version does not completely utilize the extra real estate in PSP’s 16:9 display, and using it in full-screen mode causes the graphics appear slightly stretched for some people. Thankfully, you can play this game at 4:3, which can make the graphic looks better.

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