Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dead or Alive Paradise - PSP Game Review

When the first Dead or Alive a beach volleyball game debuted on Microsoft's Xbox, it could rely on the performance of the console to sell the severely disproportional hotties as tempting females that you may creepily leered at when they sprawled nicely on the sand. On Sony PSP, it is another issue completely. Unfortunately with the the modest hardware and tiny screen size, the dames inside Dead or Alive Paradise now feel like ruined shambles of their former-selves (while the wobbly boobs physics are sure enough still intact). That would be alright, but the reality that the small games seem robotic and deficient of any traditional substructure to ramp up the experiences beyond what is currently offered may condemn this game into the deepest pit of purgatory.
Dead or Alive Paradise may be poorly planned, made worse by poor mini-games grouping that are not assisted by the graphics’ ability to pass out the characters’ desirability. The physics engine does not help the fact that you are staring at a beautiful young women in two-pieces, but those jigglings are comical nonetheless. You may be able to get a little excitement from this volleyball game if you are able to stand the actions and uncanny looking animations. The game is playable, however the length of loading throughout is a serious bummer. Finally, if you are mature enough to purchase the title legally , chances are you are mature enough to see this game is not for you. Certain people might glimpse nirvana someplace in those angular bodies, but I guess that's it................

Patchwork Heroes - PSP Game Review

I love unconventional, innovative video games, and the Sony PSP essentially has plenty of 'em. PSP games like Patapon and LocoRoco have made my days more exciting. Patchwork Heroes, also carries all the charm and style that we have come to expect and adore from good PSP games, but it simply does not quite have enough bangs there to make it really shine.

It follows a gang of fighter jocks who ride some flying vans. With huge airships invading their community, so as the primary character, Titori, it is your job to smash them. The whole title is portrayed with a side-view of airships, with 3rd person view of Titori as this guy crawls slowly like an tiny spider on the ship hull.
If you enjoy your Sony PSP, you need to get Patchwork Heroes. It may not be without flaws, but it's exciting and it's seminal. The charm, the narrative, the heroes, and the tunes are all amazing (although the songs are unvarying). The game is stimulating and memorable, and if you move along in smaller spurts you may last longer than attempting to blast through the whole thing. I hope the title endured to lengthy playtime before becoming addled and if just there was a multiplayer feature or more big challenges, so it would be better if we get Patchwork Heroes 2 after this.

PSP Game Review - BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger


The game is a reasonably straight-forward conversion of the first PS3 game, with a couple of observable variations. Although the extraordinary gameplay has been laudably revived on Sony's PSP, some spectacular (and maybe inevitable) sacrifices need to be made to the graphics and audio along the way. It is a huge blow for BlazBlue lovers like me who were enjoy the incredible character sprites, however at least it runs smoothly.

BlazBlue Portable is one dramatic title on its own, however gamers may need to remember that the follow-up of BlazBlue game, Continuum Shift, is already confirmed for launch in U.S.. With this fact, I would advise that future buyers hold back and buy Continuum Shift when it is available. But if you have some extra cash, it won't hurt to have the portable version as well.