Sunday, May 30, 2010

ModNation Racers PSP Game Review

Couple of months ago I've played ModNation Racers on the Sony PSP and I was really impressed. In general, drifting was a little stiff, however the track design was quite awe-inspiring as you could whomp up a 3D track without ever experiencing the PSP slow down or chug. If you can get used to the stiff controls, then you should be on your way.

Oblivious of ModNation Racers? Well, you are insane! It is a kart racing game that will kicked LittleBigPlanet out of the water. Sure, you will be able to take part in a long career mode and participate in race online, but there will be also this collection of creation utilities that allow you grind out the own courses, racers (also known as Mods), and you may share your karts online so people all around the whole world may download your hotrods. If you grasp deeper into the game, you will have a near-constant flow of contents, as long as there are players are popping to join the fray.
Driving will never feel all that smooth or simple, and it may hold back your experiences.
I was really torn over this game. On the one hand, it’s supremely awesome to see how the game was designed. When you whomp up your own course, modify the terrain, and add plants and buildings without the game slowing down, it’s simple to gawk at how Sony San Diego has succeeded this time. But then, the racing seems a little flat -- there isn’t a sensation of accelerateion and the controls are a little clumsy and inflexible.

ModNation Racers is a title that is rough around the edges. However, the game got a few amazing concepts, but the gameplay problems and flat presentation may hold it back somewha.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Game Review

Besides being helplessly caught in oblivion between a completely digital realm and UMD , the Sony PSP has consistently plagued with a kind of identity crisis. It's just strong enough to emulate scaled down variants of your favorite titles on PS 3, but they completely suffer from less powerful visuals and controls which have been tailored onto the gadget. Ubisoft is among the few companies that take their time to develop a distinctive experience designed specifically for the specialties of the gadget. In this matter they may need to be commended for their efforts, even if they were not completely successful in following through the original premise.

The Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands basically reiterates the chronicle of an athletic young Prince who want to prevail over magical forces to redeem his family members and his realm. A wicked fire spirit is taking the royalty hostage and the best way he can stop the carnage is by allying with the God of Time's daughter. Your characters jump, run, and execute perfectly timed leapings past environmental challenges while from time to time engaging in a few easy sword-play. Other than the unsatisfying revelation about the game conclusion, Prince of Persia is a firm experiences on the portable platform. It professionally steps the line between providing us a sense of what are inside on the bigger consoles and promising distinctive and stimulating interface that is suitable to the gadget. If not for the haphazard stumbles, I would describe the Forgotten Sands as a solid addition to anyone’s Sony PSP library. Even so, be prepared for a few grievous frustration as ar trying to complete the game.

2010 FIFA World Cup (South Africa) Game Review

Porting games onto the Sony PSP is consistently a feat for EA Sports. These people continuously scramble to differentiate this game enough from its console cousins, while keeping a really low cap for development budget. So now we got 2010 FIFA World Cup (South Africa), title that makes almost no effort at differentiating its functionality set from its console counterparts. Rather, 2010 FIFA attempts to simulate what was appeared on PS3 and XBox 360. The endeavor is admirable, fortunately eventually falls short of bringing comparable gameplay flavor.
I is an adequate effort that overzealous soccer buffs are willing to catch whie waiting for the actual event. There is a comfortable amount of material under the hood, however people would have liked to get some completely refined interface, fresh structure and a number of attributes that served to tell apart this newest FIFA version on Sony PSP from its bigger siblings. As it stands, it one just ain’t up to spec.