Friday, June 25, 2010

Disgaea Infinite - PSP Game Review

Fans of Disgaea series may never have an easy walk, and now they are confronted with the most dreadful circumstances in Disgaea Infinite. Playing as one of the misfortunate Prinnies, you need to forestall the assassination on Lord Laharl before he does any harm to you. However time is at your advantage, with the assistance of a wondrous being, Prinny's soul can be returned to earlier places in the story arcs should your last effort falls short. The most revolutionary departure is that you have a strictly a visual novel game. If you are anticipating a colorful strategy role-playing game, it isn't the most appropriate game for you.
It is not all laughs and gags, though. Repetitive sequences time and time again gets dull, as does the game's heuristic nature. To rectify this, there is an feature to auto skip, however use it carefully lest you leave out crucial moments. The voices is a little cheesy, and Prinny's excessive use of "dood" may disturb you, but there is an option to use Japanese language or instantly mute the casts. Disgaea Infinite's flexible style offers a short distraction that is well-suited for your PSP experience.

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