Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ace Combat: Joint Assault PSP Game Review

For me, Ace Combat: Joint Assault can be dull, despite its fluid solo experience and a nice multiplayer approach. If you are looking for an engaging single-player piloting digital escapade, keep on looking, don't stop here. The campaign is unvarying, the dogfights are slow and the storyline is irritating. However, if there is a group of buddies with PSPs and a yearning for high-velocity aerial maneuvering, then you should give Joint Assault a consideration. For some people, it could be a multiplayer hit.

Other than a few cool moments for example, unlocking the F-117 stealth fighter, and, oddly, swinging persnickety around in a bloated jumbo jet, there was absolutely nothing about this portable pilot game that could give me an excitement. Given the choice between getting Ace Combat: Joint Assault for PSP and an older budget PC air simulation game, perhaps you should choose the latter. There is nothing special with the graphic, but it isn't horrible either. The aircrafts look detailed, and the GeoEye-rendered urban centers look as precise as your expectation.

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