Friday, January 22, 2010

Army of Two: The 40th Day PSP Game Review

The risk in delivering a title from a full-size console to a handheld game is that important attributes can get lost quickly. A few capabilities can be restricted, while other features are modified or entirely removed to fit inside less powerful systems. The most crucial matter is: how do these modifications influence the whole gameplay? In Army of Two: The 40th Day, those changes aren't for the better. Literally giving up the franchise's cooperative focus, the light-weight variant deteriorates into an inferior action game.

The 40th Day's setting is in Shanghai as in a number of days as Salem and Rios run missions in their own private soldierly company, TransWorld Operations. These people accept a quick agreement for an immense payday and do not expect much trouble in achieving their jobs. As they complete their mission, Shanghai is attacked. Rios and Salem must stay alive to find out who is behind this. The PSP edition adopts the console story faithfully and even changes much of the talks. Even so, the sense of pandemonium is totally missing on the little display; the roads appear too cramped and the devastation you see looks insignificant. Consequently, it does not feel like the whole city is crashing down all around you, and there is no a torrential adrenaline rush after outliving the combats.
Sloppy action episodes, brain-dead AI and narrower game capabilities absolutely throttle the ported Army of Two: The 40th day. Although the title does boast morality episodes, acceptable talks and a few terrains to go through, the execution is so elementary and unvaried that the entertainment is entirely nonexistent. It's well worth some exploring, even so spare yourself – and your friends – from the mediocre experiences.

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