Saturday, December 1, 2007

How to clean your PSP?

You could use soft cloth that is included with your PSP to wipe off the smudged screen. But after long-term use and it is more than smudged. Turn it off, use a damp cloth to clean the casing. Do not use any cleaning solvent products, as they could harm your PSP.

If something sticky gets on your PSP casing, put a tiny amount of cooking oil on a soft cloth and use it to clean it off. Then to remove excess oil, use a damp cloth with a a little amount of soap.

If something stucks inside the ports , such as the USB jack, headphone jack, or the power jack, gently rub the open ports with a soft dry cloth. If something stuck inseide the Memory Stick compartment or the UMD compartment, use a compressed air can to loosen up dirts out of these areas. If the lens inside the PSP that reads the UMD disks seems to be dirty, you can try putting a tiny bit of the solution from a DVD/CD cleaning kit on the end of a Q-Tip and reach carefully inside your PSP to clean the lens. Make sure the solution is safe for your PSP.

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