Saturday, May 24, 2008

Using Wipeout Pure browser

Grab your copy of Wipeout Pure and stick it in your PSP. Click through all the beginning bits and load any preexisting game profiles. After you do all this, you should be presented with Wipeout Pure's main menu. Select the Download option and hit X.

When you select Download, an overlay screen will pop up saying "Game Experience May Change During Wireless Play." Select OK and press the X button. This will bring up another overlay screen for your Network Connection, prompting you to select from your preconfigured network connections.

Choose your default connection and hit the X button. This will load the Wipeout Pure browser, and the default browser page will be displayed with any available downloads. If you get an error message saying, "A connection error has occurred. The WLAN switch is not turned on," go back, switch the WLAN switch (located on the bottom-left side of your PSP) into the on position, and try again. If you get a message that your wireless access point is not available, check to make sure that your wireless network is running and configured properly and try again.

Once you have the default page loaded, use the directional keypad to select Downloads and hit the X button. A new page will load with a set of PSP download terms and conditions. Use the directional keypad to highlight Accept and hit the X button. A list of available downloads will appear. Highlight the download you want to grab and hit the X button. A more detailed description of the download will appear. Again, use the directional keypad to navigate to the actual download and hit the X button. An overlay progress bar will appear and the download will begin.

Once you are finished using the browser for its default purposes, simply hit the Start button and select Quit to return to Wipeout Pure's main menu.

Now that you've checked out the browser for its intended purposes, you should trick it into doing some real web surfing.

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