Friday, May 30, 2008

PSP Web Portal by Fujimax.

Once you click on X, the main page of the PSP Web Portal will load. Use the directional keypad to jump around between the different hyperlinks on the page.

There is a link to Google ( in the upper-right corner of the screen, and an address bar at the bottom of the screen via which you can pull up any web page you like. Additionally, there is a list of links (tech, news, misc., psp) on the right-hand side of the screen. If you click on one of these links, a series of related links appears below a graphic of the link category.

If you move down to the address bar on the bottom of the page and hit the X button, the PSP's default text-entry screen will appear. I Highlighting Enter and hitting X brings me back to the PSP Web Portal screen.

After entering the address on this screen, I highlight the Enter button and hit X. This returns me to the PSP Web Portal with the text I just entered appearing in the address bar at the bottom of the page. Navigating to the Go button next to the address bar and hitting the X button loads the page. If you are used to flawless Web browsing on a broadband connection, prepare for a rude wake-up call. The Wipeout Pure browser can move very slowly at times, especially on graphics-rich sites that aren't designed for a small screen. My site loaded, although without the background graphic, and while the text loaded rather quickly, some of the images took some time to load. As you can see, the site is legible and the picture shows up clearly. However, it took about five minutes to load.

Have some fun exploring all that the PSP Web Portal has to offer. Whenever you become too lost in the Web, simply hit the Start button and choose "Go to Home Page" to return to the PSP Web Portal or Quit to return to the main menu of Wipeout Pure.

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