Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Turn Your PSP into a PDA

With the web capabilities in Version 2.0 of the firmware and all the homebrew options available to people running Version 1.5 of the firmware, you could easily do many of the tasks you would normally do on your PDA on your PSP.
If your boss has agreed to bankroll a new PDA to help you keep track of your busy schedule, you're probably not going to be able to convince him that the PSP is the PDA you need…at least not yet. Many of the rumors and quotes in the media indicate that Sony wants to grow the PlayStation Portable to be the must-have digital device. They have already released Version 2.0 of the firmware that added a browser and opened the platform up to more functionality than it originally had, so there is every chance that future firmware updates will add even more functionality.

Nevertheless, there are several current options, both homebrew and non-homebrew, available for the PSP that can make it a rather attractive make-shift PDA. The text-entry capabilities of the device are currently limited by the lack of a functional keyboard attachment for the PSP, but hopefully either Sony or a third party will fill this need soon. In the meantime, this hack will walk you through the different ways you can trick out your PSP as a PDA.

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