Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Read online RSS ver. 1.xx in PSP

To read your RSS feeds online with a PSP running Version 1.0 or 1.5 of the firmware, you will need to set up the same subscription to Bloglines (http://www.bloglines.com) or a similar RSS feed-reading service as discussed in the Version 2.0 section. However, since your PSP doesn't come with a browser of its own, you're going to have to find one, either by implementing the Wipeout Pure browser hack or by downloading one of the homebrew browsers.

Once you have everything up and running and you are connected to one of the public portals such as the fujimax PSP Web Portal ( or a portal that you have put together yourself, enter the address for Bloglines Mobile (http://bloglines.com/mobile/) in the address bar and hit Enter. Select Go and hit the X button. The Bloglines Mobile site will load, albeit much slower than it does in the Version 2.0 browser. Select the text field next to Email and enter the email address with which you set up your Bloglines account, and then enter the appropriate password, select the Enter button, and hit the X button on your PSP. The page will load and you will be able to read through your different RSS feeds.

Unfortunately, the Wipeout Pure browser doesn't support cookies or bookmarks, so each time you want to check your RSS feeds online, you are going to have to repeat all of these text entry steps. Also, there is no tabbed browsing with this browser, so if you click out of Bloglines, you have to go all the way back through these steps to get back in.

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