Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to download podcast?

The easiest way to obtain podcasts is via iTunes. Launch iTunes and click on Podcasts in the Source list on the left. Near the bottom of the iTunes window, there will be text reading Podcast Directory with an arrow next to it. Click the arrow and you will be taken to the iTunes Music Store podcast directory.

What you should now see before you are a number of different podcasts that you may download. Pick a podcast you find interesting by clicking on it. You will then be presented with a list of available "episodes" for that particular podcast. In the Price column (most, if not all, of them are free) to the right, you will see a button labeled Get Episode. Click this button and the episode will be downloaded to your music library.

There are some podcasts that will not play on the PSP. Podcasts that fall into this category are enhanced podcasts and podcasts that are purchased and contain digital rights management. If you find that a podcast you really want to listen to will not play on your PSP, try burning the podcast to an audio CD from iTunes. Then, rip the podcast to your music library as an MP3, using iTunes' CD-ripping features.

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