Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Address book through the Web.

If you have a web site or server space somewhere, you could serve up your address book as a web page available either via the browser included with Version 2.0 of the firmware or via the Wipeout Pure browser. There are also several online services such as Yahoo! ( and Apple's .Mac ( that offer online address book access. PSP Web Browser ( is a PSP-specific community portal that offers contacts, along with a whole slew of other services.

The browser included with the Version 2.0 firmware is capable of opening plain text and HTML files saved locally on your Memory Stick. You could easily export your address book as HTML, name it something handy like addressbook.html, place it in the root directory of your PSP, and navigate to it in the browser by entering file:/addressbook.html in the address bar. This would make a nice enhancement to the Memory Stick portal hack. While you're generating a portal for your PSP's Memory Stick, why not convert your address book to HTML

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