Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Transfer Podcasts to Your PSP?

While downloading podcasts using iTunes is pretty straightforward, getting them onto your PSP can be a little tricky. Since iTunes will only sync your music library to an iPod, it is necessary to go outside of iTunes to get the downloaded podcasts onto your PSP.

The first step is to locate where iTunes is keeping your Music Library. If you're using a Mac, launch iTunes and click iTunes Preferences. Then click the gear icon labeled Advanced. If you're using Windows, launch iTunes and select Edit Preferences, then click the Advanced tab. The first item on this page of the dialog box labeled "iTunes Music Folder Location" is where you will find your music files. On a Mac, the default location is ~/Music/iTunes Music/ (in your home folder). In Windows, the default is C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\.

Browse to the folder where your music library is located. You should see a list of folders corresponding with the names of artists in your Music Library, as well as a folder labeled Podcasts. Open this folder and the folder named after the podcast(s) you have just downloaded. In this folder should be the podcast's episode itself, named similarly to what appears in iTunes.

To transfer the podcasts [Hack #23] to your PSP, plug in your PSP to a USB port and from the PSP home screen, select Settings, then USB Connection. On a Mac, a new volume will appear on your desktop. In Windows, a new drive will be mapped under My Computer. Double-click on the volume or drive and then open the PSP folder. Inside, you should see some media folders; open the MUSIC folder.

All you need to do now is to copy the podcasts to your PSP. Simply drag and drop the podcast's episode from the folder in your music library to the MUSIC folder on your PSP. Before unplugging your PSP, make sure to eject it first. On a Mac, drag the volume on your desktop to the trash can in the dock. In Windows, right-click on the drive and select Disconnect.

Exit USB Mode on your PSP and navigate to the Music icon. Then highlight and press X on the Memory Stick icon. You should now see the podcast episode you just transferred to your PSP.

You may want to create a folder inside the MUSIC folder called "Podcasts" and instead transfer podcasts there. This will not only keep Podcasts separate from the rest of your music, but it will also allow quick access for transferring new podcasts and deleting old ones.

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