Monday, May 30, 2011

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game - PSP Game Review


This game is making a strong appearance in most consoles. In general, the PSP version plays very similarly to the DS and 3DS versions. While the gaming experience is not exactly unique, it's still captivating and can keep you occupied in a plane or bus.
The LEGo Pirates is just a standard fare compared to other games in the LEG series. If you are familiar with one LEGO game before, you can play others. You'll quickly run through the advanture storyline that is shown in the four movies, while collecting glass bottle ships. red bricks, doubloons and studs. Of course, you'll get some puzzles too. Each characters come with his/her own abilities and you can seamlessly switch to different party member at any time. The gameplay design is what made the rest of LEGO games so mesmerizing and it countinues to be exciting right to this very moment.
Although you can call this game as a LEGO antic, it is still quite exciting to play, even if you've played all LEGO games before. Unfortunately, the 3DS version is more superior because it has a few extra gameplay elements to offer.

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