Monday, May 30, 2011

The 3rd Birthday - PSP Game Review


If you're familiar with the original Parasite Eve, you'll be glad to meet Aya and her sister, Eve.But unfortunately, this isn't a Role Playing Game. Of course, you can still gain level, but the focus is more on the guns. As you accumulate points, you can upgrade them to get better precision and more ammo capacity. This game is actually easy to understand and straightforward, and there is one more element to the game, that is collecting DNA strands. You can piece them together on multiple boards which can enhance your capabilities, such as gun reloading speed, health regeneration rate and near invincibility ability.

3rd Birthday is a challenging game, but if you can get past all the difficulty swings, it's a surprisingly wonderful experience. The game has a pretty graphic and the storyline is conveyed in such a way that can be followed by all gamers, despite the fact it's a Square Enix game. As a sequel to the Parasite Eve series, it's acceptable but there is something that's missing in this compared to the other 2 games. Some of the PE fans could be disappointed with the fact that it's a shooter.

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