Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection - PSP Game Review

The Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is a package of three Final Fantasy games (the original FF IV, FF IV: Interlude and FF IV: The After Years), with some extra contents in a great presentation. Undoubtedly, the characters are among the most memorable in the RPG world, intertwined in a great storyline. Unfortunately, FF IV is an old game, and you can't turn a once slick 1960's Mustang into a Bugatti Veyron. Be prepared for a dated graphic, which reminds you with SNES. Of course, there is nothing wrong with playing a game with an old graphic, if it can revive plenty of priceless memories. Final Fantasy series is famous for its iconic soundtrack, and in this case the FF IV still can put soundtracks for other RPG games to shame. If you want to start play a Final Fantasy IV, you should start at Friday afternoon and make sure you don't have anything to do at weekend. Be prepared to get lost and immersed in a wonderful world for days. Let's just hope that you can get back to the planet Earth by Monday morning.

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