Monday, May 30, 2011

What should you expect from PSP Remaster?

Everyone needs to be ready for the cloud these day, including PSP gamers. Previously, Sony announced the HGP and its related cloud storage service and now the company announces a new brand called the "PSP Remaster". It is definitely analogous to the PS2 HD collection, which was remastered in high definition visuals to the PS3. These are a few games that can be played on the big screen in your home.

Metal Gear Solid
Square Enix games
Monster Hunter
God of War
Valkyria Chronicles

These are just a few PSP gems that will be remastered by Sony. It would be wonderful if DJ Max and Patapon are included too, but as these games carve out niche gamers from the general PSP users, it is a little uncertain. Overall, this could be a way to bring the whole PSP gaming to the next level.

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