Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier PSP Game Review

Yes, as was the case with the earliest Jak game, we have a good deal of platforms we have to leap to. You can find poles to dangle from, switches to push, and so forth. After end of this game, Jak may have a humble armory of weapons, but these armaments take a backseat for a moment to leaping from one shelf to another. Largely, this refocus was amazing. I adored the first Jak game, so we have a few good times in this moment -- that is to say the teasers that asked us to teleport, create a shield, and analyze. it.
I am a devotee of this franchise and believed the platforming was amusing, the puzzles with powers were stylish, and also the ship upgrading features and Jak offered some depths. However, the void environses, camera problems, and unvarying nature of a few of the combats mar the game to a point that I could not give it a better score. There is excitement to be had here, however it could have been fine-tuned a little more to bring on the real potentials.

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