Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To-Do List in PSP

A to-do list isn't very useful unless you can cross off items as you accomplish them, so while you could set up a to-do list as a single JPEG image, this wouldn't prove very useful. The only way it might work would be to create a separate image file for each item on your to-do list, and save these all in a single To Do folder in the PHOTO folder of your Memory Stick. Then, as you complete each item on the list, you simply have to select that image from the list and hit the Triangle button to pull up the control panel on the right side of the screen. Select Delete and erase the image.

In addition to this makeshift to-do list, you can always use the browser method to access a to-do list over the Internet or locally on your Memory Stick, although a generic todo.txt file wouldn't be editable.

For a full-featured to-do list (and more), check out Backpack (http://www.backpackit.com). Backpack lets you set up a workspace that you can fill with to-dos, notes, and reminders for free.

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