Friday, April 18, 2008

Set up your PSP for Internet Gaming

This step universally applies, no matter what type of computer you are running.

Make sure that the wireless switch on your PSP is turned off and that your PSP is also turned off. Turn on your PSP. Go to Settings Network Settings and click the X button. Select Ad Hoc Mode and hit the X button. You will be prompted to select a channel. Choose Channel 1 and hit the X button, and then hit the X button again to save these settings.

You could leave the channel set to automatic and everything would still work, and you would most likely find yourself able to play with other people running their PSPs on other channels. However, it's been my own experience, as well as the experience of others online, that playing via Channel 1 works better on the PSP.

Next, load the WiFi-capable game that you would like to play and switch the PSP's wireless switch into the On position. Navigate to a point in the game where you can host a wireless network game. This will differ according to which game you choose to play, so refer to the documentation that came with your game. Once you have started hosting a game, the LED that indicates there is WiFi activity should begin actively flashing. Your PSP is waiting for others to join from the Internet. This is where your computer comes into play.

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