Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Online Playing Game Play

Once you are connected and successfully playing an opponent, one thing you will notice is that there is a noticeable difference between playing with your friend sitting across your living room and playing with your friend in Bangladesh, who you are racing in Wipeout Pure over the Internet. Although you canwith only a modicum of workget the connection between your PSP, your computer, and the XLink Kai network up and running, once you are connected, you will most likely have trouble connecting to games or hosting games from time to time. Keep on trying.

Wipeout Pure connected nicely for me when I was testing this hack, but while Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade supports WiFi game play, I could never get it to successfully connect to any other players. I should clarify here: we were able to connect, but we couldn't see each other and, if we weren't headed in the same direction, the game froze, timed out, and we were disconnected.

Also, if you are connected and playing a game successfully, you are still going to encounter all the lag problems that you experience with any other online gaming system. The game will only run as fast as its slowest player. In Wipeout Pure, I would sometimes have a good normal race, whereas other times, as soon as the race started, I would find myself racing the ghosts of my opponents and no one would know whether they were winning or not until they finished the race. Several times, my PSP told me I was in first place, but when I jumped through the finish line, thinking I'd won, I suddenly was confronted with the information that I had finished third.

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