Friday, April 18, 2008

How to Connect to XLink Kai?

Now that you have established a computer-to-computer network with your PSP, it's time to load XLink Kai.

On a PC, launch Kai, log in to your XLink Kai account, and check Kai's diagnostics to make sure that it is reading your PSP correctly.

On a Mac, first launch Kaid, then load Amaryllis and enter the login information to your XLink Kai account. Navigate to the consoles tab in Amaryllis and select the PSP console room.

Now, back on the PSP, you can at this point stop attempting to host the game that you used to connect the PSP to your computer. You may now begin hosting a new game on your PSP or try to join one of the games being shared out from your computer to your PSP via Kai or Amaryllis.

Enjoy playing online with others!

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