Saturday, February 2, 2008

PSP Text to Speech using Linux

The open source Festival ( includes an application called text2wave, which reads in a text file and outputs a .wav file. You may be able to find Festival in your Linux distribution's package repository, so check there before installing from the source.

Once you've got the .wav file out of text2wav, you can convert it and drop it into /PSP/MUSIC/ on your Memory Stick. By default, text2wave will read from standard input and dump its .wav to standard output. You can create a file with a command such as
text2wave input.txt -ooutput.wav.

You can change text2wave's settings by evaling a valid festival command. For example, to change the voice to voice_kal_diphone, you'd do this:

text2wave input.txt -o output.wav -eval "(voice_kal_diphone)"

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