Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to read manga in PSP?

The first PSP "e-books" to emerge online came in the form of Japanese manga comics or graphic novels.

Seven Seas Entertainment's GoManga.com
(http://gomanga.com/pspmanga/index.php) has made an entire selection of black and white Manga titles customized for display on the PSP. They are releasing these titles in serialized form, episode by episode. Their current titles include Amazing Agent Luna, Blade for Barter, Last Hope, and No Man's Land. Each episode is freely downloadable from their site in a zipped folder. All you have to do is download the files, unzip them, take the folder containing all of the individual page images, and drop it onto your PSP's Memory Stick in /PSP/PHOTO/. Each picture is 480 x 297 at a resolution of 72dpi (the image has been turned on its side so that it will nicely fill the PSP's screen).

This is larger than the 480 x 272 size of your PSP's screen, so you will have to use the analog stick to move around each page of the comic slightly. Holding the PSP on its end with the directional pad and analog stick beneath the screen will let you view the comic properly, and clicking on the R trigger of the PSP moves you ahead to the next page.

A PSP PAK of full-color Manga comics is also freely available from eigo-Manga English Comics (http://s95330819.onlinehome.us/manga/psppak.htm). So far, there is only one PSP PAK available, and it contains samples from five different manga comics. These images are set to 480 x 311 and turned on their side, so again you will need to hold the PSP on end and use the analog stick to move around on the page.

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