Monday, February 11, 2008

How to transfer iTunes songs to PSP?

Drag the "Get the Current Song" action from iTunes over to the workflow. This simple action grabs the track currently set to play in iTunes and passes it along to the next action.

Choose Finder in the Application pane of Automator and drag Move Finder Items over to the workflow. Set the To: option to the MUSIC folder located inside the PSP folder on your Memory Stick and leave the Replacing existing files box unchecked.

When you run this complete action, it will prompt you for a text file, which it will then launch in TextEdit and write to an AIFF file on your desktop. Once this file is fully created, iTunes will launch and import the file, converting it to MP3, and then it will pass the track along to the Finder, which will place the file on your Memory Stick. Enjoy.

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falexak said...

Usually I have two solutions:
1. burn iTunes Play list to CD and then rip them to MP3 by using windows media player, so that you can put them into PSP/PSP go.

2. Use Daniusoft Media Converter ultimate, tutorial here.