Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to read magazine in PSP?

PSP Magazines (http://www.pspmagazines.com/) is a site created and maintained by Jason Schuller, who notes on the site's About page: "I was doing this for myself anyway and figured why not share my work." This site consists of various short articles and selections from various magazines. These selections would all appear to be scraped from the online versions of the magazines and then reformatted for viewing on the PSP by Schuller, who then serves them up for download.

There is a rather large selection of magazine snippets available, and the list is updated regularly. There is even a section of independent PSP Magazines listed. All images are set to the default 480 x 272 size of your PSP's screen and are, for the most part, designed for normal viewing without having to hold your PSP on one end.

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