Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to connect PSP to Mac OSX?

First of all, you need to have a PSP folder on your desktop for this procedures to work

1. Run the Terminal in /Applications/Utilities/ then type the following in command line,

 open /Volumes//PSP/SAVEDATA/
2. Replace with the actual name of the memory card as it is displayed as mounted on the desktop. Usually, it will be "Untitled." If the name has been changed to something like "My PSP Card," then you will need to add an \ before the space in the name. For example, if your Memory Stick were named "My PSP Card" you would type the following:
 open /Volumes/My\PSP\Card/PSP/SAVEDATA/
3. Press Return. Then the folder in the Finder would open, then drag all the files that you want to your Mac.

However, if you want this process to be GUI-free, just type the commands:

 cd /Volumes/Untitled/PSP/SAVEDATA/
cp -R * ~/Desktop/PSP/
Hit Return after each line. The first cd command will change the directory of the mounted Memory Stick (In this case it called Untitled) to the SAVEDATA folder. The cp -R command will then copy all the files and folders within this folder into a folder called PSP on your desktop.

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