Friday, November 23, 2007

Copy and Delete files in your PSP

On the game menu, between Game Sharing and UMD/Memory Stick (if you have a UMD disk inserted), there is the Saved Data Utility. Highlight it and hit the X button.

You'll be shown the list of saved game files, along with the screenshots and all related informations. If you hit the triangle button you can Copy, Delete or just want to see the detailed information of the file. A dialog will tell you "You will be asked to change the Memory Stick 3 times. Press the X button to begin." Hit X to begin the copy process or O to go back to the previous menu

This way you can copy your saved games to let friends play it in their own PSP or you just want to make a backup in other memory card. So even you already have the 2 Gb memory card, you can still use the 32 Mb memory card included with your PSP to backup your important saved games. The file copying process between memory cards actually involves a few minutes of swapping out two memory card for a total of six times.

The Delete and Information options are quite straightforward.

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