Friday, November 23, 2007

Boss is coming! How to quit PSP instantly?

So you're in a busy project, feeling so bored and tired and you pull out your PSP and start up a quick game, just to relax for 5 minutes. Then the boss walks in. How can quit the game, save your game and save your job at the same time?

The power button on the right bottom corner of PSP can be pressed quickly to turn off without ruining the game you are currently playing. The quick push of the power button up and then back down to the locked position can become rather habitual when the phone rings or some other emergencies.

Do remember that make sure, PSP is not writing anything to the Memory Stick Duo while you quickly turn off the device. It is indicated by the flashing orange light at the bottom left of PSP. If there is no light you are safe.

If you want to play your PSP in your cubicle safely, make sure you have the bottom drawer of your desk open and filled with cotton or clothes to cushion the shock subjected to your PSP when you need to toss it real quickly.

When the boss approach, quickly and calmly turn it into power save mode and drop it to the bottom drawer. While you are playing always, keep part of your hearing and other senses to detect movement and noises outside your cubilce. Practice for a couple of time, it would be quite easy.

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