Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wipeout Pure: A Cool Game with a Fantastic Feature

They say most hacks are elegantly simple. They are so much sweeter when you can use a company’s own products to perform the hack. Such is the case with Web browsing on the PSP, where Sony’s own game— Wipeout Pure—has a fairly decent Web browser (well, enough to read blogs and the RSS feeds and lots of other stuff which we’ll get to in other chapters). Using tried and true DNS and Web server spoofing techniques, you can intercept Sony’s game’s calls to Sony’s Web servers and point all those requests to your own, hacked server. Of course, you should only do this on your local network, as Sony’s legal hounds would probably tear into your flesh with ferocious persistence, but this hack will work outside of your own network if you believe you have legal-bullet-proof powers.
While this hack will work on any PSP, it is generally intended to provide a Web browser to those who do not use a 2.0 PSP (such as software developers or those who want to run homebrew applications). Either way, by reading this section you should learn quite a bit about the art of spoofing.
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Web server (otherwise known as an HTTP Daemon, which you’ll download in a moment)
  • A DNS server (otherwise known as a Name Daemon, which you’ll download soon, too)
  • A PC or Mac that can run both of the previous applications (called the “host PC”)
  • Wipeout Pure PSP game
  • 802.11b-compatible wireless base station (or the host PC with an 802.11b-compatible wireless card and configured as a wireless base station)
What we’re about to do is trick the game Wipeout Pure.Wipeout uses its own Web browser to access Sony’s Web site to download extra content.What you’re going to do is redirect it to a different site (your Web server) by spoofing Sony’s Web site’s IP address (via your DNS server) so you can surf the Internet through that same browser and do whatever you want online (for the most part).

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