Monday, August 11, 2008

How to View the New Backgrounds?

The background of the current month should already appear changed when you return to the PSP's main menu. If it doesn't, or if you want to test to make sure that all of your images work, navigate over to Settings Date & Time Settings and hit the X button. Select Date and Time from the list and hit the X button again. Change the month and hit the X button.

If the screen turns bright white, don't panic. The PSP is only allotted so much memory for displaying the background images, so if the image that is currently loaded is a little larger than normal, and the new image that you are trying to load is also a little too large, the PSP won't be able to handle both images simultaneously, and the bright white screen can be the result of its failure to load the image. This shouldn't happen when the date normally changes between monthsonly when you force a change using this method.

Hit the X button again to bring the month back up, and hit the X button a third time to confirm without changing the date. If the picture is properly formatted, it should load now, since it no longer has to compete with another image for that memory space. If it doesn't load, make a note of which image it was so that you can replace it with another image the next time you run PSPersonalize.

Keep switching the date month by month, to make sure all the background images you created or downloaded off the Internet properly load. If they don't load, simply set up some new images and run PSPersonalize again. Keep doing this until you have all of the different months on the PSP loaded with your favorite background pictures. Enjoy!

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