Thursday, July 17, 2008

Using the LuaPlayer

If C and C++ aren't your thing, and you're feeling a little rusty in the coding arena, then you'll most likely want to check out the LuaPlayer ( To work with LuaPlayer, all you need is a PSP running Version 1.0 or 1.5 of the firmware, and a text editor on your computer. The LuaPlayer site features a rather good step-by-step tutorial ( to this PSP scripting language that walks you through creating a basic "Hello World" test program, working with images, working with animation, and an introduction to coding for the controls on the PSP. There are several sections not yet complete in the tutorial, but considering the amount of people in the PS2Dev Forums ( who are using this tool to easily program for the PSP, you can most likely find some guidance with a few carefully placed questions.

One of the advantages of using Lua is that you can test applications on a computer running Windows before you deploy them to your PSP. This eliminates the need to copy your source code over to your PSP every time you make a change. Instead, you can do all your testing and debugging on your PC, and send it to your PSP when you are ready to play it. For more information on the Windows version of Lua Player, see

Here's a simple Lua program that runs on the PSP. You should save it as script.lua, and follow the instructions included with the Lua Player to run it on your PSP. This is a program that draws an @ character onscreen at the specified x/y coordinates. You can move the directional pad to move the character and leave a trail. Download the sample script here

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