Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Offline browsing in PSP firmware 2.0

One of the best features of the PSP's browser is its ability to view files without a live Internet connection.

If you have a home page set (Tools > Settings> Home Page), your browser will insist on checking for a live Internet connection when you first launch it, and if you have your WLAN switch turned off, it will not launch properly. So make sure that your WLAN switch is in the On position, navigate to Network > Internet Browser, and hit the X button. As the PSP attempts to connect to the Internet, hit the O button to cancel the connection. Now hit the Triangle button to bring up the browser's interface.

You can avoid this problem by setting the home page to be a blank page (or by setting a home page that resides on your memory stick).

Navigate to the address bar and hit the X button. Here, you can browse the file structure of your PSP's Memory Stick (providing you know where everything is located) and view any files that the browser is capable of displaying (.html, .htm, .php, .txt, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, and .bmp, to name a few of the most common). For example, if you want to view a picture in your Photo folder, you would simply enter file:/PSP/PHOTO/nameofpicture.jpg in the address bar and hit the X button to load the image. For images, this isn't really that useful, but you can save all sorts of documents as text or HTML on your Memory Stick and load these files for reading on the go. This is a very useful little feature that I use for notes and reading on-the-go daily. And after you've finished entering the long text string to get to your important files, don't forget to bookmark the file (Triangle button > Bookmarks > X button > My Bookmarks > X button >Add to Bookmarks > X button) so that you can easily get to the file in the future.

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