Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Configuring Your PSP

You will now need to configure your PSP to use another DNS server. Follow the instructions discussed in that hack, but instead of entering the IP address of a web portal on the Internet, enter the IP address of your DNS server. Now fire up Wipeout Pure, choose the connection you just created/edited. Nothing too fancy, but the more links you add to the HTML, the more impressive and useful your web portal will be.

Congratulations! You can now create and access custom web pages from your PSP.

If you want your web portal to be accessible to other devices via the Internet, there are a few changes you must make to the method outlined above. First, you will need to change the following entry in

ingame A


ingame A XX.XXX.X.XXX

where XX.XXX.X.XXX is the external IP address given to your computer/router. You can find out what this is by going to

The next thing you must do is set up your router to forward incoming traffic on ports 53 and 80 to your DNS/web server. Connecting to a web interface built into your router usually allows you to do this. Consult your router's documentation on how to forward ports to individual machines on your network. You will need to forward ports 53 (UDP) and 80 (TCP) to your web server's internal IP address (i.e.,, as used earlier).

Finally, change the DNS setting on your PSP to use your computer/router's external IP address instead of your web server's internal IP address.

You should now be able to access your web portal from home or anywhere else.

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