Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ys I & II Chronicles - PSP Game Review

Overall, the story, graphics, gameplay and all, it plays like Ys I. If you know the first game, playing the second one is easy. Perhaps, the only big addition is Adol's ability to use magic, which would be really handy in his perilous journey to defeat enemies that he will encounter. The sequel shows that you can still use the original recipe of RPG plus a few nice things, to give you something that really worth your time and money. RPG fanatics should have this game. Unfortunately, the lack of direction tend to hold Ys II back, although it won't break the game.

You may think that "if ain't broke don't fix it!".But it may not apply with Ys series, the Ys chronicles show that bringing a classic series to a brand new platform can be something good. The combination of original gameplay, fantastic retro feel and also superb soundtrack make it a must for any PSP owner.

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