Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angry Birds- PSP Game Review


Angry Bird is an exciting game, which promises you bursts of quick actions. The core of the game is easy to understand, destroy structures and evil pigs in it using a slingshot. The projectile? Of course, birds! It's all about, point, shoot, obliterate things and have fun.

Unfortunately, visually, the game is somewhat barren, not much going on the screen, although you can get sharp graphics and solid framerate as result. Sometimes, when those birds hit the structure, you'll get stutter and an overall slowdown. The game is sold for $3.99, significantly more expensive than the iPhone version, that is available for $.99 and it has more levels that the PSP version.

There is no denying this game is really exciting, but should have smoother action, better price and sharper visuals to ensure more polished results.

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